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March 11, 2007


Jill Maxick

You don't have to wait til September (when Julia Sweeney's book is due) to read a fabulous memoir about learning to embrace nonbelief.

Nica Lalli's NOTHING: SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN (Prometheus Books) is published this month, and advance reviews have said: “Books on atheism are red-hot this year, and Lalli's adds something fresh to the mix: rather than being an angry apologetic, it's an engaging personal account of non-belief…This memoir is well-written and often acerbically funny, an edgy quest for meaning outside the boundaries of organized religion." -Publishers Weekly Religion BookLine

“In this appealing memoir, an art educator in New York City chronicles her journey of acceptance as she came of age in a family that refused to embrace organized religious belief… Whatever readers’ beliefs, they will find this search for acceptance enlightening” -School Library Journal

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