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March 04, 2006



geez - what do you have against the landlocked states?

R.J. Lehmann

Well, the fact that they're landlocked would seem reason enough for me. I'm a Jersey Shore guy. Even D.C. is way too far from the ocean for my taste.

But really, the question should be asked in the inverse...what possible reason would I have to visit, say, Nebraska? South Dakota? Utah? If I'd ever been able to think of one, I probably would have acted on it by now.

Inkstained Wretch

Somewhere in Montana there is a cool chick who reads Hayek for pleasure, thinks insurance analysts are brainy-sexy, was seduced into rational skepticism as a child by "Scooby Doo, Where Are You?" and has a fantastic booty.

Are just going to leave her there Ray?

Inkstained Wretch

Err, "Are you just going to leave her there Ray?"

R.J. Lehmann


Wild Pegasus

Dude, West Virginia is right there!

- Josh, agrees about the DC/Shore proximity

R.J. Lehmann

Actually I've got one even worse -- I've been to Windsor, Ont., but didn't bother to visit Detroit on the other side of the bridge.

I actually did pass through West Virginia once, but I feel cheesy counting it. It seems like you have to have at least made a pit stop, even if it's just to use the john, to count a state as "visited."

Although I'm not entirely consistent on that, as I don't believe I've ever stopped to DO anything in Delaware, for instance. But the difference is that I've passed through Delaware a billion trillion gazillion times. And there's nothing TO do in Delaware anyway.

I've been invited twice to these corporate events at the Greenbriar, but haven't been able to make either of them. But I'm sure there will be others, and whenever the next one rolls around, then I'll be able to say I've visited W. Va.

I also have long wanted to check out the Derby in Louisville and to experience Beale St. and visit my buddy Wilson in Nashville. So I should be able to nail down all of the pre-Louisiana Purchase states in short order.

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