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February 18, 2006


Inkstained Wretch

According to Modern Drunkard Magazine's I.Q. (intoxication quotient) test, Zima is the Russian word for "winter" but "sissified" is also an acceptable translation.

R.J. Lehmann

Along those lines, at the bar where I briefly worked, we had a sheet tacked up in back listing "what my drink order says about me." Two I clearly remember:

White Russian -- "I'm gay."

Zima -- "I'm REALLY gay."


What are you if you have a mixed drink using Zima as an ingredient? Does "gay" include those of the lesbian persuasion? If not, what would be their first choice?
Check out mixeddrinkrecipes.net. for such concoctions as the Amaretto Zima Cooler and the Sour Apple Zima Sour.


P.S. I hate Zima.

R.J. Lehmann

Substitute good old-fashioned 7-Up for Zima in any of those recipes, and I'd challenge anyone to tell the difference.

I've never liked Zima, but it does evoke a certain degree of nostalgia for me. Because its demographics very closely track with those of the country as a whole, Syracuse, N.Y. is a popular test-market for new products. Zima was rolled out in 1991, when I was a freshman, about two years before it made its debut nationwide. I still have a stong mental picture of the cute girls Coors hired to hit all the S.U. bars hawking the stuff.

And being still a naive kid, it took me a while to catch on that they flirted with EVERYBODY that way.

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