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February 21, 2006


Wild Pegasus

The Saturday morning cartoon block is all but dead. The twenty-four hour cartoon and kids networks have killed it.

Interestingly enough, DuckTales and Uncle Scrooge was my first real exposure to economic ideas that stuck with me. Uncle Scrooge had worked hard, saved his money, and made wise business decisions. The Money Bin is about the only thing they really got wrong.

- Josh


how can you be skeptical about such a series? the success of the series can be questioned but the need and intent are unquestionable. i was in school for 16 years and my first lessons in finance, other than my parent poor example and the barrage of ads, came in my final semester in college. i applaud buffet for undertaking the undoubtly unprofitable venture to educate americas youth on finance. someone needs to.

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