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December 07, 2005


Jon Corzine

He he he. Your integration to Metro Living has, at best,just begun. (Just wait until you experience the first snowfall - as where, they have "no clue" how to control their vehicles, less attempt such daunting navigation).

You see, in and around DC drivers are very teritorial. Then again, they mostly have learned to "aim" their cars....not drive them......


In D.C., on the other hand, it is lane-holders who are dominant

So in DC, incumbents rule? That sounds about right.


Both still sound preferable to the Boston School of Driving, where navigating traffic is considered a zero-sum game.


Oh Ray - I agree with the comment on top...just you wait til' the snow hits. You'll get use to it though. I drove a 1996 GRAND FUCKING MARQUIS around in our great city - I'm sure you can get around now... :)

Wild Pegasus

The best driving in DC is on the Beltway in Maryland. I swear to the dog that everyone in the entire state is trying to commit vehicular homicide.

My sister's lived down there two years, and my knuckles whiten when she darts and shoots around those roads - usually singing and laughing.

I've gotten to be quite the traffic pussy in my old age (late 20s).

- Josh

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