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October 07, 2005


Kevin O'Reilly

Welcome back! You've got a lot of catching up to do. "Boots of Spanish Leather" is great. "One Too Many Mornings" is also heartbreaking -- the version on "Live 1966" is just blistering.

Brady Campbell

Mr. Lehmann! I am humbled to have had some small effect on your consciousness, being a mere mortal and all.

There is another scene in No Direction Home, where Dylan is playing Hank Williams' I'm so Lonesome I Could Cry in a very slow tempo on the piano and dragging Johnny Cash along on harmony. Cash seems confused at first, but struggles through and finally gets it exhibiting some hilarious facial expressions.

I first heard Boots of Spanish Leather on Nanci Griffith's (whom my wife saw in Charlottesville two nights ago)Other Voices Other Rooms. That C#minor is rough on those of us who have let our barre chords get rusty.


Eleanor Barrett

Dylan rocks! I caught him in Ft. Lauderdale back in the early 80's. His roadies were handing out Christian tracts in the parking lot, people were smopking pot everywhere and and big hairy guys were hawking $5 concert T-shirts between acts. Now, my very cool daughter is into him -- thankfully, minus the weed, man.

R.J. Lehmann

Thankfully?! Sheesh, that's the best part.

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