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September 09, 2005


Kevin O'Reilly

But Jim Brown was innocent!!! Haven't you read his book yet? ;-)

R.J. Lehmann

I've actually never spoken to Brown, although I read some of his missives from jail. He stepped down at just around the time I started covering the industry.

Dennis Kelly, on the other hand, was pretty close with Brown. I don't know that he believed him to be innocent, but I do think he believed him to be, essentially, a decent guy.

Kevin O'Reilly

Here is my actual opinion, based on having interviewed him (after he got out of prison) and skimmed his book:

(1) He is a decent guy.
(2) Whether he was corrupt or not, the feds didn't prove it, nailing him instead on the ol' "lied to an agent" crapola they got Martha Stewart on with he said/she said evidence.
(3) His daughter, NBC TV newswer Campbell Brown, is a cutie.

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