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September 18, 2005



Only an occasional reader, but I'm a DC lawyer/thinktanker and occasional meme-spreader.


You already know who I am.


Currently in Atlanta as a computer programmer and generally worthless dilettante. Anxiously waiting to leave this miserable city.

Bernard Guerrero

Glad the link worked out. Hmmnn. Foot of the Catskills; finishing an MBA at NYU; ex-ARNG; family guy; borderline sociopath (or so I've been told repeatedly at Tacitus)

Wild Pegasus

Hey, pal, we miss you on ASC.

law school student, Cleveland, OH

How's DC treating you?

- Josh

R.J. Lehmann

I haven't left ASC completely, but as the overall quality of the posts has seemed to drop, so has my commitment to wading through the nonsense to find a few gems worth exploring.

D.C. is a filthy, soul-sucking pit of avarice and corruption. But the chicks are pretty cute.


I'm the one that swears all the time over at Eytomic. Master's student finishing thesis on devolutionary/polycentric effects of open-source software on IP law.

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