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Business journalist R.J. Lehmann is Washington bureau manager for an industry newsletter often called the "bible of the insurance business." The youngest-ever winner of a first place prize in the New Jersey Press Association's annual Better Newspapers contest, his writings have appeared in such publications as Investor's Business Daily, the San Francisco Chronicle, Travel Weekly, Folio, and the South Florida Business Journal. A lifelong libertarian, R.J. is former public affairs director of California-based think tank the Independent Institute and state chapters coordinator of the Republican Liberty Caucus.

On the other hand, Ray Lehmann, as he is known in "real life," so to speak, is a hopeless dilettante, philanderer, poseur, and other French words for "boy who never grew up," whose grandiose schemes and boundless ambitions are invariably foiled by abject laziness and a nonexistent-attention span. An effete snob, Ray's own cultural tastes are most notably marked by a prediliction for 1970s horror, processed snack cakes, and pictures of naughty girls in black stockings. Ray maintains an impressive collection of hotel lobby matchbooks gathered through his travels far and wide. The better to burn bridges with.

This site comprises a tale of two Lehmanns.


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